Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builder

Design a new house and watch it become a reality.



Revamp your home in a number of different ways.

Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Invest now so you can make a profit later.

Spec Homes

Spec Homes

Visit our lot to tour a speculative home for sale.

Live in a Beautiful, Personalized Home

Customize your new house with our home builder in Naples, FL

By discussing your ideas with a home builder, you make sure that the house you’re getting is exactly what you want. Construction experts at Precision Building LLC listen to what you like and work hard to make your home reflect that. Your home will be perfect for your family, as well as guests and relatives you invite over.

Your life is extraordinary. Don’t settle for an ordinary house. We’ll create a house for you that matches your personality. Your family deserves the best, and we can provide it. We offer: 

Custom Home Building | Remodeling Services | Investment Property | Spec Homes 

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Learn what a remodeling contractor can do for you

When you update your home with a dedicated remodeling contractor, you get to make decisions about what changes to make and where to make them. Our remodeling consists of:

Modernizing your appliances

Updating your style choices

Refinishing worn floors

Redesigning your bedrooms

Installing grand staircases

Call us today to speak to a remodeling contractor in Naples, FL about anything you want to change in your house.

Buy a spec home or a custom home

Spec homes, which have already been built and are ready to be bought, have their benefits just like custom homes do. They’re more affordable and you can move in sooner. 

Custom homes let you explore your creativity more. You can make everything fit your specifications exactly, and you won’t need to make any changes after you move in. We’ll help you decide which choice is right for you and your family.

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